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Better security, without tokens.

by Jack Wink, John Fonte, Michael Huang

BetterAuth is a better replacement for traditional two step security apps used by online services.

Two step verification greatly improves account security, but many people avoid using them because of the hassle of having to launch an app and typing in a code.

BetterAuth revolutionizes this process through push notifications, a small browser plugin, and our unique backend. Instead of making you enter a username, password, and verification code every time you log in, BetterAuth pushes a notification to your phone after you log in with your username and password. You can then either approve or deny the login request with the tap of a button, right on your phone - you'll then be logged in automatically!

BetterAuth is just as secure as traditional two step verification apps. It stores all the secure data on your phone, and encrypts all of its communications using SSL.

Ultimately, we hope to encourage more widespread adoption of two step verification by making it a lot simpler, improving everybody's security online.

Currently, BetterAuth is a drop-in replacement for the Google Authenticator application, and supports Google accounts and Dropbox. The application is easily extensible to include almost any two-step verification system.

Our demo application is for Android, and the initial version of our browser plugin runs on Google Chrome.


John Fonte
Jack Wink