PennApps Spring 2013

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aligning with Mayor Nutter's goal for Philadelphia to become the greenest city in America and acknowledging many other targets of Greenworks, we are trying to process available data sets to generate a predictor of:

-The most beneficial placement for the planting of new trees within city limits, particularly utilizing the locations of trees currently in existence and targeting the relationship between tree canopy and reduced crime rates

-The locations that represent the most efficient potential sites for installation of new neighborhood parks, aimed at increasing nearby property values and aiding in the management of stormwater and runoff by decreasing overall impervious surface area

-The most efficient and appreciated locations for new bicycle racks to be installed, based on current bike routes and availability of bike racks already in existence and with the goal of encouraging what is already a bikable city to continue to improve accessibility and greater green forms of transportation

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