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Synapse is an analogue sound synthesizer that allows users to produce a wide variety of riffs, and then have those riffs visualized on the screen in several ways. Synapse aims to provide an immersive user experience that combines both visual and sound elements, an experience that is defined in part by spur of the moment creations.

More than just an instrument embedded in the web browser, Synapse's specific range of sounds provides a toolkit for those looking for some inspiration for trance or electronic music, without the need for specific DJ equipment or software. The web application is also targeted towards music listeners who want to casually experiment with a range of sounds. Users who get high frequently might find the mixture of visuals responsive to our sounds a great source of amusement, to say the least. The expertise barrier is fairly low, so intrigued potential artists can just hop right onto our application and mash keys as well as toggle knobs and sliders to their hearts' content.

Synapse's visuals entice and provide the budding artist with more colorful music creation sessions. Synapse features uploading sessions onto SoundCloud, so if you happen to come across a truly gnarly riff combination, you can put up your musical invention for the world to see! Synapse aims to bridge the gap between casual music enthusiasts and technically experienced track producers by being the platform for which trance and electronic listeners can discover their own talents. In addition, experiencing the synthesis of visual elements and random sounds is great fun for all!

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