PennApps Spring 2013

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Votomatic simplifies your opinion collection experience by letting you create a common voting platform for you and your friends - call, text or vote online!
What's different about it? It not only lets you create a poll but also searches across different social platforms and prepares a side by side view of all the gathered information, whether it be pictures, soundtracks, videos or even popular selling merchandise related to the poll created by you!
Another cool capability is that Votomatic lets you choose the time duration for which the poll would be open and generate the results, once the time is up - automatically!
So, what do you do with the results? Well, that's even more interesting! Votomatic gives you the freedom - post the more popular picture in the poll to your facebook profile, or even better - make it your profile picture, or upload the result to your dropbox account, or mail it or sms it to you - all in a few clicks!

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