Reinvent 311 is challenging the developer community to find new ways to bring NYC311 info to New York City's 8.4 million residents. Register today and help us connect New Yorkers with vital information about their city - anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Join us on Twitter - use #Reinvent311 and shortlink on.nyc.gov/Reinvent311.

Reinvent 311 Mobile Content Challenge


NYC 311 provides access to non-emergency City services and information about City government programs. 311 receives over 65,000 customer inquiries daily through its website, call center, text service and mobile app.

311 Today:

While 311 is known as the way to submit requests and reports to City agencies, 70% of customer inquiries are resolved simply by providing information. From parking and recycling rules to birth certificates, all of 311's content is available through an API (application programming interface) - but it's not yet widely available in the mobile space.

Reinvent 311 Challenge:

The City of New York, Code for America and Stack Exchange have come together to invite urban technologists, content creators, media professionals, civic developers and interested hackers to partner with NYC 311 to better integrate fundamental customer service information into new or existing mobile digital tools.

To register for the Reinvent 311 Mobile Content Challenge, please complete a short application form. We will notify all selected participants by email.

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