App Wishlist

Several City agencies have put together a short list of potential applications that could be developed. Feel free to use these ideas and develop them as you wish, or you can create a completely new idea on your own!


Building Statistics

An app that allows individuals to see stats about the building and the surrounding neighborhood. A user could enter an address of a zip code of a building and all the data would pop up in a user friendly dashboard. As a pilot phase for heating oil information, city-owned buildings (including schools) could provide information about what kind of oil they are using, until the heating oil information is available for all buildings (next year).

Possible Data Sets:

Climate Change

NYC CoolRoofs

Find out which roofs around you are cool and allow individuals who have "self-cooled" their roofs to upload photos and information to a database.

Possible Data Sets:


Sustainability apps that enable customers to keep track of their carbon footprint. Examples might include:
Carbon footprint calculator – an app that determines your carbon footprint based on your travel patterns, choices and/or lifestyle.

Possible Data Sets


Farmers Market Interactive Searchable Map

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has developed a PDF map of farmer’s market locations. However, it would be more useful to have an app that uses the farmers market locations and hours data to create an searchable map that provides information (perhaps integrated with MTA transit data) to New Yorkers.

Possible Data Sets:

Parks and Public Spaces

Tree Mapping App

An app that will help the Department of Parks and Recreation crowdsource information to add to and improve our tree inventory database, especially in smaller parks and playgrounds (less than 6 acres). This app would allow parkgoers to map trees and add information about them such as species and size. As an add-on, users could also input information about a tree they've adopted.

Possible Data Sets:

Tracking Street Tree Stewardship / Adopt-A-Tree

This app would bring the functionality of NYC Parks' Adopt-A-Tree web application to the smartphone and tablet, and make it easier for street tree stewards and volunteers to adopt street trees and take care of them. Currently users can browse a map of young street trees, adopt individual street trees as well as report/log their tree care activities, such as watering, pruning and mulching. We would love to see a social networking component to the smartphone as well, by integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc so that stewards can post their tree care activities to their feed, inspiring others to adopt and provide care to NYC's street trees.

Possible Data Sets:

Urban Tree Canopy Assessment - Mobile/Web

The 2010 land cover data is a citywide map showing the distribution of 7 different land cover types in NYC at a 6" resolution (tree canopy, grass/shrub, buildings, roads, bare soil, other impervious and water). As part of NYC's Urban Tree Canopy Assessment project, this data has been summarized to the individual parcel level, calculating the percent area of each block and lot that is covered by Existing Tree Canopy, as well as the area of each block and lot that could be converted into Possible Tree Canopy. One idea would be to develop a mobile web app or website that would allow New Yorkers to access both the land cover map as well as the summarized data and calculate the total area of Existing and Possible Tree Canopy that is within a certain distance of their location.

Possible Data Sets:

Street Tree Watering App

Tracking our contractors watering is a perennial challenge given there are approximately 40,000 trees that need to be watered every two weeks throughout the summer which requires roughly 40 -60 (3000-5000 trees per day) crews per day to be out watering as well as tracked. Tracking all 40,000 trees on a biweekly basis to ensure each one gets weeded and watered is a challenge. NYC Parks would like to develop a GPS based tracking app that would allow DPR to more closely track the trees watered in real-time, by allowing our watering contractors to report watering while they are still out in the field. It would also be great to have functionality that would allow members of the public to report contractor watering if they see them watering trees on their block.

Possible Data Sets:


"Shady Routes" - Mobile / Web

By combining established route mapping software widely available online as well as on most mobile platforms and available data on the canopy cover over New York City's public right of way from the Urban Tree Canopy Assessment project, routes for pedestrians and cyclists can be generated that direct users preferentially towards streets with the highest levels of canopy cover. This app would show users directions that might be cooler, shadier, and more pleasant than the most direct option usually generated by this type of software. This may be especially important for populations most adversely affected by extreme summer heat.

Possible Data Sets:

Water Supply

Green Infrastructure Mobile App

A mobile app version of the current GI Infrastructure Map on CityMap which allows users to learn about DEP’s Green Infrastructure Plan, search by type and upload their own projects remotely.

Possible Data Sets:


ChangeByUs Upgrade

Leverage the existing ChangebyUs database to create an improved search functionality, calendar, and network to connect individuals to community groups in their neighborhood. Currently, there is no way to collectively see “needs.”

Possible Data Sets:

"Green NYC Trips"

Allow users to plan (incorporating destinations from GIS location data) and record (route, time, distance and elevation) errands, outings and commutes by biking or walking or other active tranport mode.

Possible Data Sets: