The Rochester Institute of Technology Society of Software Engineers presents...The iOS App Challenge.

Students have a week to make an iOS App. Apple engineers will be on-site to answer technical questions and give out prizes.

Registration is now closed since we have hit our limit on participants.

The competition starts Friday, March 8, 2013 at 6:30pm at the kick-off event and ends Friday, March 15, 2013 at 23:59.

If you have registered on the site here, and gotten an e-mail confirmation from challenge@apple.com, you're good to go. Come to GCCIS Building (#70), Room 1400 at 6:30pm on Friday to get the details. If you feel like you have registered already and aren't sure if you're accepted, please e-mail challenge@apple.com.

Frequently Asked Questions
I've never coded in Objective-C before. Can I still participate?
Perfect! You're exactly the kind of person that we're targeting with this competition. Once you've signed up and e-mailed challenge@apple.com, we'll reply with a bunch of links to get you started. Before the competition starts, you should start reading up and playing around to learn the language and APIs.

Do I need a team in order to register?
No! Go ahead and register individually. At the kick-off event, we'll have time for you to find teammates.

What if I already know who I want on my team?
After registering for the event on HackerLeague, have your team leader create a "project." From there, the other members of your team can join the project. You don't want to figure out what your project is going to be quite yet because there will be a twist revealed at the kick-off event.