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The objective of BreathIn is two-fold.

The first is to create a more expansive and up to date environment data than the current available ones about several important factors.

This is made possible thanks to the creation of a small and affordable wearable device that register data from several sensors (humidity, temperature, CO, heart beat, NO2) that using the the capabilities of a smartphone (GPS, audio levels, internet connection) accomplishes an abundance of data that can be of great service to individuals and organizations.

The second objective is to give users of such a wearable device the possibility to understand the environment were they are and incentive them through a mobile application to be more conscious of what can they do for the environment.

The project is build over a completely open infrastructure, from open hardware, to open source embedded controllers and open mobile application to the compilation of data on a open platform such a Cosm.

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Gustavo Giudici
Alejandro Rodriguez