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This mobile-web-social app, based on augmented reality, has the goal to encourage people to adopt a green way of moving through a green competition, saving energy, avoiding wastes and air pollution.

Each user can "drop a DROP" during his trip
And other users can find this DROP.

The DROP is an element that could be whatever you want: a picture, a thought, your favourite book, film, or songs with your comment attached that makes the drop unique!.

We wrote down some algorithms that allow counters to show to the user

  • how many trees he saved,

  • how much fuel would have used without a green behaviour,

  • CO2 emission avoidance,

  • how many kcal he burnt ( let's think of girls ;) )

A ranking will be updated day by day to see who had the greenest behaviour!

We give also a NEW tool for companies and shops to advertise their products, services and events through a SPECIAL drop: "GREEN FLYER"


Luca Vallarelli
Francesco Iberite