Roma Cleanweb Hackathon

in Roma, Italy

In late years carpooling has taken more and more place in extra-urban traveller communities. On the other hand in urban areas, where congestion is higher and its impact on the environment would be much more effective, the way-of-life of modern society does not allow its implementation according to the usual paradigm.

We want to revolutionize this and allow carpooling for short trips with unpredictable start time, which are the majority in the big city mess.

We developed a platform for "on-the-fly" carpooling in urban areas. The lift providers are known people (friends, contacts, colleagues), the payback issue is skipped because lifts are provided for friendship, social behaviour, point earning (power playing!).

Finally, the platform stores its usage data, providing useful post-process analysis for Mobility Managers and Public Administration.

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