Data Sets/APIs

Below is a list of datasets that can get you contributed by friends and sponsors as well as Open Data for use in building your apps. While there are no restrictions on public or private datasets which can be used in your apps, we thought the following compilation would generate some ideas at a minimum.

If you have or know of other pertinent datasets, please let us know, and we’ll post them here. Join the Developers Google Group to discuss and contribute.


EEA – European Environment Agency
European environmental datasets, maps, charts and applications.

Environment and Meteo

ARPA Veneto
ARPA Piemonte
Open Data, Environment and Meteo.


SmartMeter data provided by Enel Distribuzione SpA
Load profile measured by Smart Meter, provided by Enel Distribuzione SpA:
Real SmartMeter data from 2 typical households, 15 min sampling frequency for 1 year consumption/production.
Case 1: Most common Italian consumer’s configuration, characterized by 3 kW contractual power (1 load profile referred to active positive energy).
Case 2: Prosumer characterized by 6 kW contractual power and 6 kWp production power capacity (2 load profiles referred to active positive energy and active negative energy).
Download ZIP file with 2 CSV files and Word file explanation.

Autorità dell’Energia Elettrica e del Gas - AEEG
Online tool that allow the customer to estimate his/her electric bill. The customer has to fill in an online form to identify the type of contract to be applied.

ENEL Open Data. Enel company and group figues. Sustainability key figures. Also on Google Fusion Tables.
Drill down to Environment and Energy

Genability Tariff Cloud
Database of energy pricing.

Green Button / Developers
Providing affordable, timely access to energy usage data.

Tendril Connect
Start developing for the Energy Internet with Tendril Connect™ APIs


Traffic & Mobility – Province of Rome
An elaboration of the street graph of the Province of Rome is provided, as streets and nodes. Furthermore, available real-time traffic data for roads of the given graph are provided via a GeoServer instance.
An additional service is provided to ask for the shortest path on the above network from any point to any other (by address or geographical location), based on customizable parameters on the network attributes. Several information on the returned path are provided too (distance, travel time, pollutants produced, …).

Home Automation

LeGrand-Btcino MyOpen Apps Development Ecosystem
Develop your own software or mobile application, customize the standard My Home TS GUI, Integrate My Home with 3rd party systems (Tutorial)


Crowdsourced weather API for your apps

Metwit REST API allows developers to stream and post interactive real time weather for your application.

You can find the documentation and the instructions to get an API key here


During the Hackathon you can find Metwit CTO DAVIDE at the desk next to the entrance of the Hack Room

Open Data / Open Government
Government of Italy - Open Data

Comune di Roma
Roma Capitale - Open Data

Provincia di Roma
Provincia di Roma - Open Data
Italian National Institute of Statistics

Europe's Public Data

UN Data

The World Bank

World Health Organization: Global Health Observatory Data Repository

Best Practices in Open Data for the Environment from Cleanweb UK


Sourcemap is the first crowdsourced directory of supply chains and environmental footprints.

Open Graph
At Facebook's core is the social graph: people and the connections they have to everything they care about. Historically, Facebook has managed this graph and has expanded it over time as we launch new products (ex: photos, places). Open Graph, an extension of the social graph introduced in 2010, allows third-party apps, websites and pages to integrate deeply into the Facebook experience via the Open Graph protocol.