SXSW Eco Hackathon

in Austin, Texas

Types of Reader
Google Maps Mobile Developers, OpenXC Developers, Android Mobile Application Developers, Java and XML developers

Technical Background Required
Experience in Google Maps API, OpenXC API, Android Developer Tools, Java, JSON or AJAX

1.3 Scope of the Product
Hackathon App will provide direct, metric-based, advice to drivers to increase their understanding of driving habits and suggest ways to improve their fuel economy. It will give them a way of judging their fuel consumption on trips, the cost of that fuel consumption, and the cost of alternative methods of transportation. As a potential Value added application, it will provide users with the cost of refueling their vehicle using location based real time data.

1.4 Business Case for the Product
This product is being developed at a conceptual level for the SXSW Eco Hackathon. The Hackathon is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and Cleanweb worldwide to develop innovative applications for average users to use in everyday life to become more energy conscious.

  1. Develop an Application in the Android environment that leverages the CAN BUS installed in cars using the OpenXC Architecture.

2.2 Product Functions
Our product’s primary function will track real time car performance data, process it, and deliver that data to users in a digestible, advice based format for easy comprehension. The advice will provide an incentive to users by tracing the direct cost of fuel to their driving patterns. More specifically, we will measure driving patterns in terms of the following:

I. Overall Trip statistics (distance, total fuel consumption, cost of trip, travel time)
II. Discreet time periods (Acceleration, Deceleration, etc.)

Secondary functions for the application will focus on providing useful information about geographically relevant gas stations(, the expected cost of refueling their vehicle, and the cost of alternative travel methods (public transportation from google maps).

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