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HOMEee a Companion for Living


HOMEee a Companion for Living

HOMEee is a home maintenance and energy app to provide better utility customer interactions and aid in user behavior changes

Homeowner awareness regarding:
• The KwH (Killowatthours) connection to everyday living
o How consumption effects one’s bill
o Tips and solutions to reduce consumption
• Tips and application to conserve water
• Home Maintenance advice and tips
o Appliances operate more efficient
o Advice and energy comparison to purchase new efficient appliance
o Lengthen appliance life cycle through proper maintenance

Real time feedback
• Real Time energy use
– Alerts when spikes accrue, capture the alert so the program learns behavior or predicts
• Time of Use billing alerts with recommendations
• How does my HOMEee compare
o KwH/Square foot
o Neighborhood or city comparisons

Tips and Advice Examples
• When to water your lawns
o Knows local watering schedule
o Consults past and future weathers
• Advises when to open up the windows
o Current and Future temperature patterns
o Encourages passive heating and cooling
• Reminders for trash and recycling pick up
o Monthly
• Air Filters
o Semi/Yearly
• HVACA Servicing
• HO2 Heater Servicing
Other tools
• API - Fueleconomy.gov
o Link autos for maintenance scheduling
• Home Automation upgrades
o Turns the lights off from the phone
• Community Events calendar
• Forum / Blog – about energy efficient improvements or ask questions; not limited to this

Benefits of Device App vs. Website:
• Easer to get a user to see and respond to a phone notification (passive) than to go to website (active)
• Any usage data comparisons done locally on user device, avoids some privacy concerns
• Phone local notification mechanism less annoying than SMS or emails, which some users tend to consider spam
• User has control and can delete the app if doesn’t like it at any time

Why Android
• Home energy expenditures can be up to 30% monthly budget for low-income households.
• Low Income households may be without regular access to a computer or laptop, but will likely have a phone.
• Android demographic market covers more low-income users than other OS’s
• 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey

Datasources used by HOMEee
• Green Button (DOE)
– HOMEee compares your data with data aggregated from similar homes in your geographic area, to let you know how your consumption compares to others. HOMEee also lets you know if you’re getting close to a higher-rate usage tier this month, so you can take action to save.
• Home location + local municipal policy
– HOMEee knows your municipal recycling pickup days, and which days you are allowed to water your lawn.
• Location-based weather data (NOAA)
– HOMEee uses local weather forecasts to tell the user if he needs to turn off the sprinklers, or if it will be a good night to sleep with the windows open.

How do you measure success?
• HOMEee is integrated with Google Analytics
• Anonymous user data is collected, to measure how often the app is used, what features are used most often.

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