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This project is hosted in appengine and makes use of IronMq, IronWorker and IronCache.

The mechanics goes like this:
- User accesses to ""
- Adds a github project to monitor (e.g. iron-io/iron_go)
- This project name is stored in appspot and is sent to ironMQ
- A worker reads the contents of the queue every 30 seconds. For each item it does the following:
+ Reads the project information from github (name, description, contributors and used languages)
+ Respects request thresholds imposed by github
+ Stores project information in ironCache
+ If everything goes ok, the message is deleted and the project name is inserted into the queue with a delay of 60 seconds
+ If there has been an error, the message is not deleted and hence will be managed again in 1 minute.

  • What should work but I have not been able to make work: retrieve the information in ironCache from appspot

Please accept my thanks for the challenge.

The following is the list of the technologies this challenge has given me the opportunity to touch for the first time:
- mq, worker and cache
- Appengine
- Go http

PS: I have removed authentication tokens to avoid unauthorized accesses.


Borja Roux