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An innovative bookmarking 2.0 service that lets you 'gather' links as you browse the web.

To try it out please do the following

  1. Go to Http://www.teragulp.com/account/login
  2. Use gather as the invite code and register an account
  3. You will now see two 'public/featured' linklists that you can browse
  4. Use the 'Gulp It' bookmarklet to add your own links.

We use

  • iron.io cache to keep list state
  • iron.io worker to process and save each bookmark.
  • parse.com for user and other db info

With time we will be
- adding phantomjs screenshots for each bookmark
- extending the gathering process to include other information that we find as we browse (search results, page snippets, etc.)

Reasons why I used iron.io cache

  • Using parse.com or other db would require that each entry be a row and each list load would require a read of all the rows potentially slowing the system. iron cache however allows me to read the whole list in one 'gulp'

Reasons why i used iron.io worker

  • parse.com has a time limit to each call, so long lived backend processes can potentially timeout. With iron.io worker I can be assured that parse will always complete and I can undertake complex backend processing on the worker.
  • For ongoing backend analysis whether it be checking if links remain alve, getting screenshots and/or performing big data analysis and other headless activity, iron worker can simply be activated via a chron/webhook and each additional piece of application complexity can be incrementally added as separate workers.

So, using openshift to host, parse.com for database & user info, iron cache for state and iron worker for server processing one can now build a fast and scaleable webapp on the free-tier :-) You only pay for the domain name.


Srinivasan Sriram