Welcome to the San Francisco TV Hackfest Wiki!

The Winners were:

Best Hacker Team (Innovation Award) - ARG TV

Best Design - Movie Night

Best Commercial Idea - Applause

In order to be eligible for prizes all participating teams must register their members here and include details of their hack project (techstack, story, concept brief etc.) for the administration and for the judges.

Any hacks that soley use non-sponsored APIs or SDKs will not be eligible for presentation or prizes.

Here you will find information on sponsored APIs and SDKs.

For the complete list of APIs and SDKs for hacking TV (over 100) you must be a registered attendee of TV Hackfest and you will have a link to the kits in an email to be sent out on Wednesday - one day before the hackathon begins.

There will also be additional sponsored prizes in the form of briefs or challenges from some sponsors. Details are here on the sponsor pages.

Please sign up first here.

And here you can hook up with other participants and join groups.

Here you can see other projects.

Here you can start a new project.

For those from the Transmedia Sector, please check out Galahad at on the API list at Hackfest.tv that was made available.