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TVsync enables endless possibilities on the second screen—from commerce and recommendations to taste graphs to deeper content experiences. Our technology deepens engagement within the ecosystem created by apps developers/publishers, content owners, and marketers/agencies. The team with the best project that uses TVsync video or audio ACR to trigger a killer second screen experience will win $1000! We'll also have teaser prizes throughout the first day (think free lunch!).

Please contact Vobile (TVsync) at the Hackfest for Signup Details!


Content URLs:

We won't have live television feeds at the conference so we've fingerprinted a bunch of content that can be easily found on free Hulu. The following videos can be used with you ACR projects:


Download our SDK at ftp://ftp.vobileinc.com/TV%20HackFest%20SF/TVsync%20SDK%201.0.zip. (Username: TVSync_SDK Password: TVSync-eval). Please contact Devon (devon.child @ vobileinc.com) for API key.

TVsync is an API platform that lets developers build phone, tablet, TV, and desktop applications that automatically identify and synchronize music, television, and movie content.

Unlimited possibilities.

TVsync makes true audio-video-image content recognition possible on any mobile device. TVsync is powered by the identification technology used by virtually every major content company and publisher to authenticate video and audio assets. Our patented technology enables content owners, publishers, apps developers, and platforms to create unique content consumption experiences in ecommerce, infotainment, and social applications like never before.

Open API.

Are you a developer? TVsync empowers you to build the world's smartest apps with ease. TVsync is supported on iOS and Android for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smartTVs utilizing Intel, ARM, and MIPS. Plus, we offer an API portal, documentation, support, and tiered service to help you get off the ground right away.

Transmedia, trans-platform.

TVsync is on OPEN API, compatible for iOS and Android platforms with all four screens: smartphone, tablet, PC, and Smart TV. TVsync can be utilized for audio only, video only, image only, and any combination of audio/video/image, enabling you to augment the exact user experience you want to create.

Versatile workflow.

TVsync has been independently verified as the best content identification technology on the market (Frost & Sullivan, Movie Labs) and is widely recognized as the preferred solution for audio and video recognition. And we don't just stop at identification: post-identification, the TVsync technology opens up a rich spectrum of meta-data that enables endless application scenarios.

Infinitely scalable.

TVsync's content identification technology has been commercially deployed since 2005 by dozens of the world's largest content companies. The architecture is infinitely scalable, with identification datacenters currently processing millions of videos per day. Each hour, TVsync identifies and tags thousands of hours worth of audiovisual content. Use TVsync to create the next big app.