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This year we are giving away three prizes instead of one!

Challenge A – Fastest Implementation Prize

An iPad Mini will go to the first team to implement the SmartPay billing engine in a working Smart TV app, and fire-up at least one test transaction in each of the following types:

The first team who's Developer ID will register at least one transaction from each of the above in our systems – will be declared this challenge's WINNER!

This is a speed challenge – implementation of the SmartPay billing engine is as easy and fast as pasting 2 lines of code in your app. We won't judge your app UI or design – the race is towards functionality and actual transactions!

Challenge B – First to Market – Real World Prize!

An LG Smart Upgrader Box PLUS a Samsung Smart Blu-Ray Player will go to the first team who's app, implementing the SmartPay billing engine, will pass certification and launch live on any Smart TV brand app store!

This challenge will off-course be completed sometime after the Hackathon event has ended.

We do not require specific payment types to be implemented – any payment type, working commercially on a live App will be eligible to win this challenge!

This is a commercial viability challenge, so consider the prize to be just a small incentive to launch your profitable, commercial service on the Smart TV ecosystem.

For both challenges, to ensure fairness between competitors, you will have to create a new SmartPay Developer ID at the beginning. Feel free to research our APIs knowledge base on www.SmartPay.tv

For any pre-hackathon inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at info@smartpay.tv

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