TV Hackfest San Francisco 2013

in San Francisco, California

SPONSOR - SmartPay

This year we are giving away three prizes instead of one!

Challenge A – Fastest Implementation Prize

An iPad Mini will go to the first team to implement the SmartPay billing engine in a working Smart TV app, and fire-up at least one test transaction in each of the following types:

  • A single payment in any supported currency.
  • A recurring payment, starting a subscription plan in any supported occurrence (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly), with or without a Grace Period.
  • A Dynamic-Price payment in any amount and in any supported currency, implementing our Server-Side-Notification (SSN) verification method (2-phase secured verification).

The first team who's Developer ID will register at least one transaction from each of the above in our systems – will be declared this challenge's WINNER!

This is a speed challenge – implementation of the SmartPay billing engine is as easy and fast as pasting 2 lines of code in your app. We won't judge your app UI or design – the race is towards functionality and actual transactions!

Challenge B – First to Market – Real World Prize!

An LG Smart Upgrader Box PLUS a Samsung Smart Blu-Ray Player will go to the first team who's app, implementing the SmartPay billing engine, will pass certification and launch live on any Smart TV brand app store!

This challenge will off-course be completed sometime after the Hackathon event has ended.

We do not require specific payment types to be implemented – any payment type, working commercially on a live App will be eligible to win this challenge!

This is a commercial viability challenge, so consider the prize to be just a small incentive to launch your profitable, commercial service on the Smart TV ecosystem.

For both challenges, to ensure fairness between competitors, you will have to create a new SmartPay Developer ID at the beginning. Feel free to research our APIs knowledge base on

For any pre-hackathon inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at

Easy To Integrate - Copy Paste Sell

  • Integrating SmartPay into your Smart TV app takes less than 5 minutes,
  • and is as simple as copying and pasting our code snippet into your app.

SmartTV Content

  • Quick Mode - copy, past, sell. Set your product price, currency and recurrence and start billing immediately.
  • Advanced Mode - for more sophisticated integration with your CMS, CRM or other server-side infrastructure, we offer dynamic Server Side Notifications, verifications and invoicing engines - Completely Free!
  • Full web-based dynamic control over products - no need to resubmit your app when you update products pricing or specs.
  • Central Developer Dashboard - manage multiple applications, products and monetization methods - all from the same Developer account.

In-TV billing The SmartTV Way!

  • Accepting payments and monetizing your Smart TV app has never been easier!
  • SmartTV Billing

Sell individual products or recurring subscriptions

  • Target worldwide users and multiple currencies.
  • Full selling cycle is completed inside the Smart TV app, using the TV remote control no need for PC, mobile or other off-app registrations or confirmations.
  • Accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
  • Boost your app conversion and satisfaction rates by keeping users focused on your content - not on reaching it!
  • Fully secure and easy to integrate - only 2 lines of code!

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