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We're Moovweb. We're excited you're here and psyched to see what you build!

Step back in time...

Before we tell you more about ourselves and our challenge, step into your time machine for a second and let’s go back to when the mobile web was still new:

“Let’s go back to when mobile websites were slow and poorly designed.”

"Hey, web on my phone is cool...But these sites are slow…And built for desktop…Pinch and zoom…Pinch and zoom…Pinch and zoom some more…Oh look an actual mobile site, but it’s just text links and a single banner image…There’s no Ajax…No sense of design…Argh…Must go back to the present!"

Phew, ok we’re safely back in 2013. Back in the “early days”, not much of the web had been optimized for mobile. But a pioneering cadre of designers and developers jumped onto this new medium and established best practices.

TV web design is where the mobile web was few short years ago. As the next front in the post-PC revolution, TV is a greenfield opportunity for front end developers and designers to explore a new canvas, help define the state of the art, and push the web forward.

Our Challenge

How would you redesign a website if this were the mouse?

Our challenge, should you and your team choose to accept it: Show off how you would redesign your favorite website for the “10 Foot UI” using Chrome for Google TV and the Moovweb experience platform.

In other words,

Step 1. Pick a website.

Step 2. Redesign it for TV using Moovweb

Step 3. Profit $$$

It's that simple!

So like, what's a TV Website?

I'm glad you asked. That's where you come in! Help us and the world figure out what makes sense for a "10-foot-UI". Here are some examples give you some inspiration:

HuffingtonPost NewsGlide
HuffingtonPost News Glide

YouTube LeanBack
YouTube LeanBack

Google TV Template
Google TV Template

Google has some great design guides and examples at https://developers.google.com/tv/web/ , and we'll have a copy of Building Web Apps for Google TV ( http://www.amazon.com/Building-Web-Apps-Google-TV/dp/1449304575 ). We'll also have some helpful Moovweb platform libraries and utilities prepared before hand.

But don't let that stop you. Feel free to experiment and try new ideas!

What's this platform you keep talking about Willis?

Moovweb Logo

Our platform lets web developers and designers to make significant design changes to any site, and then share those new versions with their friends and the greater internet easily and quickly. Think of it this way: As a front end developer and designer, you can only practice your skills on sites where you have access to the backend. With our platform, you can show off your chops on any site.

Normally, we use this platform to transform a regular desktop site into a mobile site but here we want to go the other direction and you'll be using it to transform a regular desktop site for TV. We’ll be on hand to help you learn the platform so that you can go home with a live working version of the site to show off. We'll also have "jumpstart" code for some popular sites to get you started. All you need to do is show up knowing CSS, HTML, and Javascript and we’ll show you how to be a front end design superhero!

Interested but don't have an idea? Grab us at the event or send us an email (help {at} moovweb.com) and we'll help you brainstorm.

Show me the money!

Show me the money!

Let's talk prizes. First place use of Moovweb to TV-enable a site gets $1000 for the team. Second place use of Moovweb to TV-enable a site gets $500. Third place also gets $500. Boom! It's like there is no third place! You can use Moovweb with other sponsor technologies or even put your Moovweb site in phonegap to make it a TV-app.

Ok I'm ready to get started

Goto http://moo.vn/tvhackfest_signup to sign up for an account on the Moovweb platform and get access to our SDK. We have community forums and live chat to help you get started before the big day. Feel free to drop us a line at help {at} moovweb.com.