SPONSOR - Mashape

Mashape is a world-class marketplace where developers can sell, distribute, and consume cloud APIs. There are currently 1600+ ready-to-use APIs listed in Mashape, and each API has auto-generated client libraries for Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Obj-C.

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Examples of APIs in Mashape include:

Face recognition
Machine learning
Nudity detection
Sentiment analysis
Flight lookup
Chinese analytics
Web screenshot
OCR recognition
Image filter
and more!

To get started, developers can sign up for a free Mashape account here. For the Hackfest.tv hackathon, Mashape is looking for cool apps that use/mash-up the Mashape APIs in an innovative way. The winner gets a prize money of $500. If you have any questions about Mashape or any of the APIs (technical or otherwise), please email Chris Ismael, Mashape Developer Evangelist, at chris@mashape.com . Good luck!