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Curated TV - a bold and exciting vision of the "TV of Tomorrow"

When you say TV the most important screen is the big one. The TV of tomorrow starts with a great experience and offers consumers a better way to discover and enjoy video that is relevant to them.

Consumers have more choice than ever to access great content across an array of sources; multi-channel, online services, apps and streaming Internet sites.

Curated TV is an experience that provides easy access to all of those video sources in a single personalized guide on the TV.

Executing the Curated TV hack through creative use of sponsor APIs & content

We’ve unified NatGeo’s linear stream (DirecTV channel 276) with the NatGeo sponsored content (encoded with Zencoder) and NatGeo’s Internet delivered video in a single experience on the TV. Consumers now have simple access a broad portfolio of NatGeo content, regardless of where it resides, all on the big screen.

We’ve used API’s from TMS Mashery, Gracenote and DirecTV set-top control API to build the unified guide.

The consumer is presented with visually expressive live recommendations using Boxfish API’s.

All of this is integrated with the aioTV middleware platform using the aioTV PassBox technology the uses HDMI pass-through to unify multi-channel & IP content to the TV using a single remote. DirecTV APIs were used to control their set top over the network. Smartphones can control the PassBox with Peel’s remote.

Curated TV Market Potential

Curated TV solves the real problem of consumers facing too many choices across video services and the inherent complexity of navigating multiple HDMI connections to enable those services.

Curated TV enables content owners to drive deeper engagement of their content by pooling their disparate content sources and presenting them together to the consumer in a single experience.

The combination of cost effective PassBox technology and curated TV experience is a promising business model that is actionable.


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