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EC3 - Mashery API Network

In The Mood

'In The Mood' is the TV remote control that knows what you want to watch - accurately.

To make 'In The Mood' accurate we analyze hundreds of metrics to predict what you want to watch at that moment. This is done anonymously and safely. The data includes social media, viewing and listening histories, demographics, biometrics, environment and real-time sensor data.

Several times per second we extract mood and behavior pattern information that can be used to enhance predictions of user content choices. In addition this feedback gives us incredibly accurate click-through rate predictions for advertising.

Content Aquisition

Just to name a few: Facebook, Peel, Nuance, Google or Facebook calendar, Mashery, Boxfish, DirecTV, Gracenote, Emotiv, Twitter, Weather Underground, phone sensors, wearables.

Dashboard for Content Providers

EC3 - Mashery API Network

Content providers receive real-time data about users' moods, tweets, and other metrics. Content providers can then select what ads and content suggestions are displayed on the users' remote.


Lisa Winter
mike winter