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Ever feeling stuck on what TV shows to watch or what genres/actors/types of TV shows you're particularly interested in?

NextWatch is an iOS mobile app that allows you to build a TV watcher profile and track stats of previous TV shows/movies that you've watched, based on things like the names of the shows/movies, genres, running time, featured actors/actresses, and directors of the shows/movies. It can also help you generate suggestions on what to watch next on a certain day/time, based on your historical TV watching history, and also suggest friends with whom you could watch your next TV show/movie with on whatever days/times of your choice.

EC3 - Mashery API Network

NextWatch is equipped with ACR (automatic content recognition) capabilities, which comes in handy in building your TV watcher profile as you watch more shows. If you have a mobile device (tablet or phone) with you while you are watching your favorite TV show, your device can detect, using the Gracenote Entourage API, the name of the movie/show that you're watching, and any relevant metadata (cast/crew, genre, directors, run time, etc) about it.

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From there, the metadata of what you're watching, generated by your mobile device, gets saved to your TV watcher profile, so you can view historical stats (regarding different characteristics of shows such as cast/crew, for example) of what you've previously watched.

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