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Gracenote Entourage is an Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform that unlocks second screen experiences for TV viewers. This mobile SDK uses the built‐in microphone in tablets and smartphones to identify a TV show or movie by “listening” to a few seconds of the dialogue and soundtrack. Gracenote can then sync the second screen device with the program, and create an interactive experience.
TMS OnConnect

TMS OnConnect APIs provide the entertainment data and images you need to build rich interfaces, with simple connections between TV, movie, and celebrity information. Access TV schedules, movie showtimes, cast and crew info, and much more through our RESTful Web API.



Mashery API Network (


We plan to offer our SHEF APIs to control the STBs, our remote recording and VOD catalog APIs and also HTML5 apps on the set‐top box. Like last year, we hope to set up multiple set‐top boxes and TVs with DIRECTV set‐top boxes so that developers can build HTML5 apps or interact with live TV. We recently quietly launched our new developer web site at



API Descriptions

Developers will be able to use Peel’s machine learning service APIs for their TV of Tomorrow Hackathon creations. The machine learning service APIs utilize hashtags from Twitter to find related, trending shows, related Twitter hashtags in real time and to generate direct tune‐in URLs. Peel will provide an authorization key that developers must use to digitally sign their requests.
Peel’s machine learning service APIs:



The APIs’ Functions
/hashtag/related API: This API returns any related hashtags which were learned within the most recent time window. The parameters required for this API are a unique showID and the time window.
/hashtag/trendingShows API: The trending shows API finds the shows that are trending on the entire Twitter service. Trending shows are determined by the amount of recent Tweet activity involving show‐related hashtags. The parameters for this API can limit the number of trending shows requested and the time window.
/hashtag/tuneinlinks API: The tune‐in links API uses either a Tweet, hashtag, or showID as the parameter to return a “Peel‐in” URL that best matches the request. When users click on the “Peel‐in” URL on their mobile devices, they’ll be redirected to the show page within the Peel app. From there, they can click on a button to change the channel on their TV to that show. Currently, the “Peel‐in” links work for most Samsung smartphones and tablets, about 50% of all Android devices sold in US, but not HTC or Apple devices. The “Peel‐in” link functionality can be viewed in this video: (


The open source HTML5 video player


The NDEV Mobile SDK gives you seamless access to our powerful speech models so you can to add a new unique dimension to your app. With support for every major mobile platform, as well as languages and voices spanning the globe, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to develop an experience that speaks to you!

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Providing 2 Connected
55" LEDs and 1 4K UHD 55"