TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon

in San Francisco, CA




UPDATE Thanks to Amazon Web Services, for selecting AcmeSIP as the winner of their TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon prize!!

This project is a technical demonstration of both the WebRTC and SIP out functionality, interoperating with an Acme Packet SBC and IMS Core.

This uses Twilio's new SIP APIs, WebRTC, the Twilio Client, and SIP systems behind a SBC.

It features a Website hosted in EC2, along with a web widget that can be embedded into the page. Users of the website are able to use the widget to initiate a voice conversation with a customer support agent within a call center.

While this may sound somewhat vanilla, the exciting part is the efficiencies achieved by using Twilio, WebRTC, and routing the session directly to the SIP-based call center infrastructure. All PSTN is bypassed. What's more, the widget gathers important customer data regarding context, user preference, etc., and passes it into the call center infrastructure using custom SIP headers, for custom CRM applications to use for further session handling intelligence.

Best of all, valuable corporate infrastructure stays secure, as Twilio's SIP-out is integrated with an Acme Packet Session Border Controller, to provide secure entry into the SIP systems.


Don Troshynski, SIP Architect

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