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The Wall Street Journal is inviting developers to help build free Web tools that promote data transparency and control.

What do we mean by "data transparency and control"?

One of the fastest-growing businesses in the world is the use of your data. When you browse the Internet, your movements are recorded by hundreds of tracking companies. When you walk down the street, your cellphone is transmitting your location. Items you post on Facebook and Twitter are being monitored by employers, insurers and others.

The Wall Street Journal documented the concerns raised by this surveillance in its “What They Know” series. Now, the Journal is seeking to promote tools that let people see and control their personal data. Over three crisp spring days in New York, the Journal will host about a hundred developers at its first-ever Data Transparency Weekend. The programmers will form teams to work on free Web tools that promote data transparency; at the end of the weekend, the best tools will win prizes and be publicly recognized.