WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon


    An Important Note About Tracks

    We are dividing the Data Transparency Weekend work into three tracks for logistical reasons and to emphasize three areas that we think are important.

    Does that mean your work has to fit neatly within one track? No.

    Many tools might fit into two, or even all three, tracks. That's fine. We're not sticklers. We just want to make sure everyone has a track leader they can turn to for advice and resources.

    We're all here to develop great tools and have fun. So don't stress out.


    We're negotiating discounts for attendees at local hotels. The following locations have confirmed discount rates with us:

    Club Quarters
    52 William Street
    Room Rate: $206.00 plus tax
    Contact: 203-905-2100 for reservations
    Group Code: NYU events, DTW0413

    Hampton Inn Manhattan SoHo
    54 Watts Street
    Room Rate: $249.00 plus tax
    Contact: 212-226-6288 or 1-800-HAMPTON for reservations
    Group Code: Corporate account 2722497

    We'll be updating this post with other hotels as we're able to confirm them. If you are looking to share accommodations with fellow attendees, you should consider posting a message to the Google Group at

    Project Tracks

    When you're coming up with projects for the codeathon, it might help you to keep in mind that we're aiming to divide the Data Transparency Weekend into three tracks:

    • Scanning: Enhancing technology that scans the Web to reveal tracking

    • Education: Helping people see how much information they share

    • Control: Improving software that helps people control sensitive information

    Tracks will be led by Ashkan Soltani, an independent researcher and technical adviser to the Journal; Brian Kennish, a Web developer and founder of Disconnect; and Jacob Appelbaum, a security researcher at the Tor Project.

    See more about the project tracks by following the links in the column at left.

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