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Our team: Any cool cat that comes and joins us!

What we're building: Cryptocat aims to provide an open source, browser-based instant messaging service which uses technologies such as client-side cryptography in order to provide stronger privacy than today's leading browser-based IM services. Cryptocat aims to leverage both the ease of use and accessibility afforded by web applications and the security provided by client-side public key cryptosystems.

Who is it for: Everyone who wants to communicate privately, journalists, students...

What we've done at WSJData
* Multi-Party OTR key exchange
* Android native app implemented via Phonegap, routes traffic over Tor anonymity network by default in collaboration with the Guardian Project
* Firefox local webapp in the vein of the Chrome local webapp
* Improved cryptographic primitives (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman, internal browser CSPRNG usage)
* Merged all Cryptocat projects into a single organized repository
* Desktop notifications, improved UI
* Random number generator seeded by dance moves
* Bug hunting

Starting point: Github repo, the combined talents and work of people around the table

Features and Media:
We've made an awesome cartoon about what Cryptocat is and why it's useful..

Screenshots: Chrome Android Tor Browser Desktop notifications Encrypted image sharing Fingerprints

Here are some of Cryptocat's cool features:
* An accessible, sleek design with audio notifications, fluid-window mode, time-stamping, and more.
* Client-side Diffie-Hellman, AES, Whirlpool and HMAC.
* Send encrypted .zip files and images.
* Includes a mobile website compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
* Translations available for French, Catalan, Basque, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

A design specification for the Cryptocat protocol is available.

Try out Cryptocat!

Thank you for your interest in Cryptocat! Contact Nadim Kobeissi or Jacob Appelbaum for any clarifications.


David Huerta