WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon


Your team:

What are you building:
A mobile app for controlling visual media and metadata in a manner that allows the person capturing the media to secure, protect it, and share it with only the people you intend to.

Who is it for:
Anyone using a smartphone camera to document a sensitive or controversial event, testimony, crime or just something you only want a limited amount of people to be able to see.

Your goal for this weekend:
Complete the photo redaction (using face detection!) and encryption/decryption full life cycle, so we can remove sensitive portions of a photo, encrypt them to a public key, pass them to another person/machine, and have them decrypt and recombobulate/unredact the image.

Your starting point:
We have an existing app that is in alpha state, with some serious blocking points around the encrpytion integration. This is the breakthrough we are working on here.

What we accomplished:
We successfully built a server for unredacting images. We started implementing the server on an EC2 instance so users could demo the app. Encryption gave us a snag, so we will have to continue implementing that at a later time.

Anything else we should know:
This project is part of a larger SecureSmartCam project by the Guardian Project in partnership with WITNESS and the International Bar Association.

License: GPL



Are we going to march like penguins in a line, stuck on the ground, our every move watched by documentarians and scientists? Little blinky beacons attached to our legs? Or shall we break free, and fly, without borders, flocking as needed, or flying solo, when we wish? The sky is our limit. Freebird, man. Freebird!

Ahem, but on a serious note. The Guardian Project will be in force at this event, bringing our suite of open-source mobile security apps and libraries to bear upon the problem of data tracking, control and transparency. This includes Orbot (Tor on Android), Gibberbot (encryption chat), SQLCipher (encrypted database), IOCipher (encrypted file system), GPG for Android, and some working alpha/protos for SMS network testing, Location sensor disinformation and mesh networking/file sharing.

While mostly we focus on stopping the leakage in our day jobs, we will use this project to focus on creating mobile digital countermeasures, such as false sensor data feeds, mobile network infrastructure monitoring tools, and alternative ways to access and exchange data that can help create less regular, obvious footprints and trails from your digital lives.

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