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What we're building:
Lots of tools exist to help you control behind-the-scenes, unintentional data collection and use - but what about the stuff you shared on purpose? "Make Myself Clear" is a web application that scans social networks for potentially sensitive information associated with you. This information will include hate speech, references to drugs & alcohol, references to health issues, etc. Users will be given an at-a-glance audit of how a company or another person with access to their social network profiles might view them based on this sensitive information.

Who It's For:
Average everyday social network users who may be (for example) searching for a new job, looking for a new romantic partner, auditioning for American Gladiators, or trying to adopt a pet from a local shelter. Handy for parents to check up on their kids.

Goal for the Weekend:
Functional web app that scans and reports potentially sensitive stuff a user has posted (or that has been posted in reference to the user).

Starting point:
From scratch.

Ending point:
Working prototype, able to scan Facebook and Twitter streams, and provide audit results which highlight questionable posts and gives an overall score.

Sustainability model:
We want to improve the Twitter support, and add other social networks like Google+ and Pinterest. People say stupid stuff on the Internet all the time... hopefully we will find time to help them.

Organizers should know:
- User "Phoenix" (Piush Kumar) is not an actual member of our team, despite his inclusion on Hacker League.
- Works best in FireFox!

Try the app:

Get the code:

The Make Myself Clear source is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

For demo purposes, we've created some social network accounts:
Hannibal Vader-
Twitter: HannibalVader/agoodpass123

Prissy McNicelady
Twitter: prissymcnicelad/agoodpass123

For clarification questions contact:


Andy Kahl