WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon

This concept, replaces the ubiquitous EULA with the digital equivalent of a nutrition label, It is in essence, an interactive view of how any given site is using your information. The top section is, in plain words, a summary of the ways your data has been used during a specified period. The bottom section itemizes all the data the site has about you. This page would allow you to interact with this information by drilling down to get more detailed reports. This concept was created with the hope of building a framework by which content centric companies can proactively address the growing concern of data privacy ahead on any inevitable regulatory intervention. If our goal is to effectively regain control of our information, the first step is understanding how our information drives the online ecosystems we belong to.

We need strong Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 people for the front end. someone with experience in info graphics would be great plus. We're are going to build a concept site that implements the personal data report so backend a dev with ruby, node or php experience would be quite helpful. I kook forward to hearing from you and i can't wait for us to build an incredible team!

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