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This project is on the education track.

For any questions or clarification, please contact Jay Herbison

Priveazy has the vision that online privacy and safety does not have to be only for IT experts.

Priveazy aims to be a free one-stop resource for showing people exactly what they can do to protect their online privacy and protect the security of their devices and online accounts.

A user's Priveazy activity list currently contains tasks, quizzes, lessons, and videos to help the users understand and control their personal privacy and information.

The focus of this weeks hackathon is to better engage, encourage, and retain users that come to Priveazy. The current problems that we have identified and will make steps to fix:

  • The home page has an unorganized feel to it

  • Getting people to do tasks to protect their privacy/safety are at the core of the Priveazy mission. However task activities are not shown to new users when they first come to the site. Tasks need to be properly empasized because many users are just interested in taking action and don't want to spend time reading a lesson or taking a quiz.

  • New users do not know how much time it takes to do a quiz, lesson, etc. Their available time is limited and they don't have any guidance where they should spend their time most effectively. Otherwise they may feel overwhelmed and decide not to make the effort.

Team members:

Shuan Dakin @PrivacyCamp
Jay Herbison
Bruno Omerovic

Deliverable: will host this weekend's hackathon changes.

( is the live Priveazy site and will not host this weekend's changes)

What we got done:

The difference between our results this weekend and the previous version is dramatic!

We succesfully addressed all 3 of the primary issues that we were trying to solve. The home page now has a very organized feel to it and the user interaction feels very natural and always points the user in the right direction. Tasks are now properly visible and and always available. We greet the user with a proper message to point them in the right direction in case they are overwhelmed when they first come in.

Priveazy is commited to maintaining a free service for our users, but it is not open source. Priveazy is also commited to keeping our site's contents always up-to-date. Priveazy has a built-in feedback mechanism to ensure that we know quickly after any changes (such as Facebook/Gmail settings) have been made and we can adjust our content accordingly.

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