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Your team:
Vedad Kirlic
Bruno Omerovic
Nadir Zlatar
Tarik Kurspahic

What are you building:
A Firefox extension (add-on SDK) that tracks which sites you go to, what data you submit where and gives you a "quantified-self" view into your browsing habits.

XPI is available on Git: https://github.com/Personal-Inc/zogger

Who is it for:
All Firefox Users

Your goal for this weekend:
Get a working extension showing a fair amount of data being visualized and to add more to it later - so... code complete.

Your starting point:
Firefox Add-on SDK, all our code is from scratch.

Anything else we should know:
This can be a starter-project for anyone who wants to write a Firefox extension to do similar things and we will also rip out the UI/Data Visualization and help bolt it onto Aldo's proxy to help visualize the data available there.


Tarik Kurspahic