Project Submission Template

In order to submit a project for judging for the WSJ Data Transparency Weekend, please put the following information in the Description field of your Hacker League project page by noon Saturday.

Your team: Please list project team members, for the ease and sanity of the organizers and judges

What are you building: What will the code you are creating do, enable or solve, in 1 human-readable paragraph

Who is it for: Describe your target user audience, e.g. "Everyone who uses the Internet," "people in high risk environments," "sysadmins in Tulsa"

Your goal for this weekend: where are you trying to get to by 1:30pm Sunday in terms of features, functionality or other deliverables

Your starting point: Are you writing from scratch? Extending a codebase or library? Adding a feature to a platform? Combining tools?

Anything else we should know: At most 1 non-long paragraph of useful additional context