Have ONE team member create a project, upload the information for your project, and then have the remaining team members request to join the project. This is necessary for reimbursements.

Exactly at 5:00 PM, head outside and we'll be shuttling you over to the presentation space where we'll also be serving dinner. Sit with your team and go ahead and grab dinner. At 6:30 PM, our keynote speaker will talk and we'll introduce our judges.

Immediately after, we'll have a judging panel start wandering around the room. Once everyone has been visited and the top projects are chosen, the top teams will present to everyone on stage (approx. 5 minutes each). Judges will check notes and then winners will be announced.

Commons doesn't have much power and wifi, so please charge up all your devices before you leave. Please turn off all devices connected to wifi except the ones that will be necessary for presenting.