Yworld has kicked off our first Hackathon to show off our Beta release and spur innovation among programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs everywhere! What: A contest involving real-time messaging using Yworld’s WebSocket library.

When: The Hackathon launched on Friday February 1, 2013 and all submissions must be in before 12:01 AM PST Monday February 4.

Who: Registration is open to everyone! We have invited students and alumni from UBC, SFU, and BCIT, and we are also welcoming internet-only submissions.

Rules: We don’t want to limit anyone’s creativity, so we’re keeping the rules simple – all work must be your own. Use of 3rd party SDKs is allowed and welcome.

Prizes: We will be awarding 1st ($1,500), 2nd ($500) & 3rd ($250) prizes to the top three projects, as judged by our development team. The winning project will also be invited to join a paid internship at Yworld headquarters to fully develop their application. Projects may be submitted individually, or as a team.

Awards: We will be announcing the top projects Thursday February 7, 2013.

We emailed out the files with “uid” and “crypto” individually. If you have not received one yet, please message info@yworld.com

The websocket library is provided at:

We haven’t tried hosting it locally ( and connecting remotely, there might be cross-origin policy issues, so we recommend you just use a script tag with the url in it.

As an example, our testing whiteboard: http://deepspace.yworld.com/websock/Whiteboard.html

To use it, you’ll have to put in a uid and crypto, and click WebSocketStart, you should get an online message. To send chats, enter the uid of the person you want to send to, type, and hit send.

To draw on the whiteboard, click start next to the collaborationid input box, if you have nothing entered, it will generate an id, if you want to connect to an existing collaboration, copy in the collaborationid from another whiteboard and click start.

To download the documentation for interfacing with the WebSocket library, head to:

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