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VidSwappr Submitted

MIDEM Hack Day

swaps the audio from one video into another, syncronizing with video hit points along the way.

The synchronisation is done by aligning the original audio for the video with the new audio. This is achieved by using beat, bar and section boundary detection gathered from The Echo Nest analyse. Align... Read More

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These are your Burns Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2013


Does your favourite song not have a video?
Perhaps it has a video but it's not sufficiently flippant?

Don't dispair!

The Internet is here to help


These are your Burns takes your favourite bit of audio at the moment (Your 'jam' if you will) and crea... Read More

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2048Hz Submitted

Music Hack Day Paris #2

A series of 2048 modifications created by @samphippen and @alsothings (collectively @funandplausible) at Music Hackday Paris.

2048 Echonest Edition

Upload any MP3 and play the song, and 2048 as a sequencer over the music. Uses the echonest's remix library to create a sequencer that uses the ... Read More

Logo for beat-masher-plus-witch-hunt

Beat Masher + Witch Hunt Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

Beat Masher

Real-time audio manipulation on an iPhone

Beat Masher lets you turn any song into its own synthesizer. Beat Masher draws on the samples in a song and manipulates them in a number of interesting ways, at the behest of the performer to yield 'interesting' music.

This is a h... Read More

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Penultimate Radio Submitted

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

Very nearly the Last name in radio. Using an artisanal recommender that blends collaborative filtering and 2-state Markov chains, we present a radio station for the rest of us. Penultimate Radio uses... Read More

Logo for rmixr

rMIXr Submitted

Midem Hack Day

rMIXr: a full DAW in the browser, built to be fully customized for you next remix contest
... Read More

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The Loneliest Cloud Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015

What is the sound of loneliness? What strange acoustic binds tracks which are not even listened to by their creator/uploader, sometimes for years?

The Loneliest Cloud is an attempt to explore the unfound and unplayed on Soundcloud.
In so doing, it surfaces the strange, the forgotten, the som... Read More