David Huerta


Cryptography is my homegirl

Art Hack Day illuminati and museum API hustler.

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Logo for doctext

DocText In Progress

TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon

A web application which can be used by doctors to send an SMS to the patient based on several events that happen for the patient.... Read More

Metalbook In Progress

Photo Hack Day 2

Baby photos in Facebook feeds get a totally brutal makeover. Greasemonkey, Face.com API, and Image manipulation library skillz will be utilized.... Read More

Logo for cryptocat

Cryptocat Submitted

WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon

Our team: Any cool cat that comes and joins us!

What we're building: Cryptocat aims to provide an open source, browser-based instant messaging service which uses technologies such as client-side cryptography in order to provide stronger privacy than today's leading b... Read More

Zombery In Progress

Hack the Trackers

Zombery resurrects tracker ads users have encountered to illustrate their prevalance and frequency. We used color-coded sillhouettes of previously viewed adds with sound to show where ads came from and how often they were viewed.... Read More