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639 years of audio. Submitted

Music Hack Day Stockholm '13

I want to explore the realms of drone and generative music by digitizing with John Cage's 639 year long composition "As Slow As Possible (ASAP)".

Multiple experiments:

  • Html5 audio with Midi webapp
    • Could have timestretch (to shorten it ... Read More
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MuscleSynth Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona '13

Hack your muscles to make music with them!

With a little hackery during the workshop I found out that the ECG sensors used for heart rate analysis are capable for sensing other muscles as well. When trying it on my arm it was perfectly capable of sensing the activity in my hands.

Combining thi... Read More

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friends.fm In Progress

RuSSIR Music Hackathon 2013

lacks a good name

We've decided to make a little cute Zvooq (first timer) desktop mac app! It's a tiny desktop player which plays the music of your friends. Simple as that.... Read More

Logo for newswheel

NewsWheel Submitted

Media Hack Day 2014

Let's face it: News is always subjective, coloured. Why not putting it all on one colour wheel to get another perspective?

Imgur... Read More

Brachioradialis Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2014

An experimental audio-visual performance exploring audio in your muscles. By using the input from the Xth Sense and the Luminous Shoes, we're creating music, lights and visuals.

[insert arty abstract explainer here]


Technical description of the full ... Read More

Logo for drums-drums-drums-module-plus-interface

Drums Drums Drums module + interface Submitted

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

DIY Eurorack modular module with accompanying web interface.

The Module... Read More

Logo for spaghetti-patcher

Spaghetti Patcher Submitted

Music Hack Day Amsterdam

A audio/midi patcher in the browser! Inspect the sound waves whilst patching! Web Audio, Web Midi and ClojureScript.

screenshot... Read More