Ramzi Abdoch



Memphis-raised, MD Born, New York Home. Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Jotalog.com and Columbia University Computer Science undergraduate.

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Logo for spam-art

Spam Art Submitted


What's better than 50 emails of spam in your inbox? 50 e-mails of spam that look like ASCII art, that's what.... Read More

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Final Check-in In Progress

Foursquare Hackathon 2013

An RPG gamification of Foursquare's Explore function.... Read More

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SWATCHit Submitted


SWATCHit is an innovative technology enabled Peer-to-Peer Platform connecting global designers with Emerging Market Artisans and overseas producers.

Thousands of Fashion Designers in the US and internationally outsource high-end embroidery work to India, a multi-billion dollar market encompassing... Read More

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CYOA In Progress

Hack'n Jill

Coob Your Own Adventure is the world's first Augmented Reality MMORPG. After creating a character and choosing your class, the game engine asks questions to build a custom adventure that you can take in the real world.... Read More

Logo for butta-baby

Butta Baby Submitted

Hack'n Jill Build'n Play

Butta Baby is a family friendly, multiplayer, butter churning game. Just churn it!

https://github.com/rmzi/buttababy... Read More

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spotifyVrdio Submitted

Music Hack Day NYC 2013

Pitting the two music platforms against each other using your listening history.
... Read More

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Opengam.es Submitted

DevFest 2014

OpenGam.es is a web-based gaming platform that leverages mobile phones as input devices (controllers). Using the MEAN stack, we'll attempt to create a seamless platform that supports multiple players and a Tube (viewing screen). We'll leverage web sockets to quickly communicate player input to the g... Read More