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Purvu Submitted

Fall 2012 hackNY Student Hackathon

A web browser bookmarklet that uses keywords from a article to run a backend search and curate related content to be navigated to.

Related content - sorted into news, social media, and art project streams - is provided on request in an interactive connected sidebar launched by the bookmarklet.... Read More

inBetween Submitted


A location-aware web app to find places of interest exactly half-way in-between yourself and a friend.

Search for all venues in the area, or sort by specific venue name and/or type. The address, contact info, distance away from the user, and a link to the venue's page on Foursquare is provided f... Read More

GeoFlag Submitted

PennApps Spring 2013

Make LOCATION the key to unlock your files with GeoFlag!

File senders: You're just a few clicks away from secure file delivery - with limited terms set by you! Simply log in with Facebook, upload the file, then set the terms of access. Limit downloads to only certain locations or timeframes. Give... Read More

Tipster Submitted


Need to decide how much to pay? Ask Tipster!

Are you generous, average or stingy? Was your service fantastic, great, okay, or horrid? Tipster will decide how much to tip, then calculate your share of the cost. You can pay with Venmo right away!

Tipster is a convenient way to tip.... Read More

TextTime Submitted

Columbia University DevFest

Get the reminders you need, wherever you are, with TextTime! ... Read More

SectionFinder Submitted


Find class sections to fit the times you want.... Read More