Why Should Parents Consider Using Phone Tracker Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a simple and effective phone tracker program that works as a cell phone tracker on smartphones running the app. It is compatible with all Android smartphones of any version and type. On the top of that, the software can also be used as a keylogger for Windows and MacOS registering the pressed keyboard buttons and typed messages. Keeping in mind all functional capacities of the program, Hoverwatch is a smart solution when it comes to parental control or hidden child tracking.

Phone Tracker

Having installed the program on a device, you will always be aware of:

  • The geographical location of the kid (strictly according to the GPS-related data);
  • All SMS as well as messages in WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram;
  • Calls (incoming, outgoing, missed, and unanswered).

Program Installation

You can install the application through your account on Hoverwatch official website. To set the control over your personal smartphone, Hoverwatch will be displayed in the "My Apps" list, with the program to be removed via the standard application removal procedure. In case you want to control the phone of your child, it is necessary to consider that he can accidentally or specifically delete the program. In order for the application not to appear in this list, you must install it manually. By selecting the option "Hide the icon and set the number to start," the application icon will disappear from the phone menu. In other words, the program won’t be displayed. In such a circumstance, the program will work in the hidden mode and will be impossible to reveal.

Program Uninstallation

In order to uninstall Hoverwatch, you need to go to “Settings” – “Applications” – “Manage Applications”, select the application name, and click “Delete.” After this procedure, the phone won’t be monitored; however, you will still be able to review all the information formerly sent to your account.

List of Program Settings

Hoverwatch is a custom application, with many features easy to adjust to your personal needs. Data are represented by eight main points:

  1. Messages – the text of both incoming and sent SMS will be stored in your personal account. There you will find info about online communication in Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram;
  2. GPS – the exact coordinates of the phone will be immediately transferred to your account. However, please bear in mind that the device must have a GPS module in order for Hoverwatch to detect its coordinates;
  3. Calls – numbers of subscribers calling to the mobile, all the outgoing, missed, and unanswered calls, time and duration of each phone call will be stored on the server. What is more, a place where the call was made (if the geolocation function is enabled) can be also investigated. Thus, you will be able to see who and at what time called to your child.
  4. Audio – audio recordings of all the calls can be made with Hoverwatch if you switch-on this function. In such a way, you will be able to listen to all the recordings at any time convenient to you.
  5. Logs
  6. Camera – you can enable camera at any moment and see where your child is, what he is doing, who he spends time with.
  7. Internet activity – a list of visited websites, stay time on each web resource, actions performed online, bookmarks, etc. – all these data will be available to you with Hoverwatch.
  8. Contacts – review contact lists and newly added contacts to the mobile of your kid.
  9. Calendar – this is one more asset that can be monitored, if, of course, your child is using it. Get access to all the appointments and reminders scheduled in the calendar.

All these data can be reviewed in your personal account when you select “Connected Devices” from the menu. In the list, you will find the device you spy on and click “View History.” In the tabs, you can view all the calls, messages, GPS-related data, and other information.

Mobile Tracker – Android Features

Apart from the wide functional base of the application, Hoverwatch also has some other great features.

Remain completely invisible

The solution has been developed in a way that it can be set to work in an invisible mode. In this case, the person you spies on doesn’t know about it. The program gets the most accurate data remaining undetectable by the user of the tracked Android device.

Get absolute service customization

There is an option of choosing the necessary functional set for your specific needs. Adjust the program and enable only those features you are going to make use of.

Benefit from free mobile tracker

Test an mobile tracker for free – sign up for a free online account, prepare devices, and start watching. Only after having tested the solution, you can invest in a subscription. See below the offered tariff plans:


Why can I use Hoverwatch?

There can be a lot of reasons explaining why people use spyware in their every-day life. However, the main target customer base of Hoverwatch are families. It is parents who install the application to do the following:

  • Remotely monitor children;
  • See the exact location of a child;
  • Have access to all messages;
  • Know who a child associates with.

All this info allows parents to know more about their children and prevents all possible risk related to the child safety, a dangerous circle of contacts, and unsafe social connections. More details: hoverwatch.com