5 Top Rated SMS Trackers

5 Top Rated SMS Trackers

SMS trackers and mobile phone trackers are useful in a number of situations. For those who are not very conversant with SMS trackers, here is a list of top SMS Trackersthat can be used for the following reasons:

  • Overcoming criminal activity
  • Parents of young children can keep updated with their children’s social media activities to make their experience more secure
  • Businesses can use these apps to monitor the use of their company’s confidential information

List of top SMS Trackers

Following are some of the best top SMS Trackers that are extensively used by smartphone users;

1. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the top SMS Trackers

It is one of the top SMS Trackers that are extensively used by parents and employers to track the activities of their children and employees respectively. Through this app even the deleted contents of a device can be recovered. This app tracks the standard SMS, GPS activity and browsing history. It can also block an app in a target device from running.

In case parents do not approve of their children using a particular app, they can uninstall it remotely making social media usage safe for their children. This app is suitable to operate on all types and makes of smart devices including iOS and Android systems, which makes it overall a highly rates SMS tracker.

2. iKeyMonitor Android

This app keeps track of both sent and received SMS on a target device as well as checks browser history, records calls and also tracks the websites that have been accessed. In addition to this, iKeyMonitor Android also keeps an eye on the social media activities of the device that is being monitored. It also discovers the location and GPS activities of a device while also gaining access to its various email accounts.

Another feature of this app is that it can block applications and their use on a target device and also boasts of an online sync feature. One downside to this tracking application is that it only functions on a device which is switched on.

3. FlexiSPY

Irrespective of whether the data is in the form of a standard SMS or if it is from any social media platform, with FlexiSPY, tracking another device has never been easier. This app has over 150 monitoring options and operates seamlessly on most operating systems. However, it has been designed keeping the Android operating systems in focus.

What is best SMS Trackers

While it does keep track of a target device’s SMS and MMS contents, its additional features include tracking the contents of applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc. In addition to this, it can also jailbreak iOS devices to make them usable. FlexiSPY is an affordable app and its easy-to-navigate user interface makes it an extremely popular app for monitoring target device’s activities.

4. Auto Forward Spy

It is another one of the top SMS trackers that is user friendly for devices that run on both Android and iOS. Through this app, users can remotely take photos and track SMS and social media activity for a target device. This easy to navigate app also offers features including access to browser history and e-mail, recording of calls, social media monitoring, GPS tracking while also monitoring every incoming and outgoing call.

Regardless of the fact that the target device has deleted the contents, users of Auto Forward Spy will be able to monitor the target device. Its social media monitoring includes the target device’s sharing activities on each of the social media platforms that they are signed in to.

5. MobiStealth-Android Monitoring-Software

One of the main factors of this application’s popularity is that is can operate even when the GPS or location facility is switched off on a target device. This device tracker can monitor applications and their uses, get information about the contacts in a device, various messengers that have been downloaded in a device, screenshots and various social media details.

top SMS Trackers

It also has features to record calls and SMS that have been sent and received. It can remotely lock devices and delete applications and other data from them. The developers offer round-the-clock customer support and this app is also said to be undetectable by other devices.


Most of these tracking softwares and apps make it convenient for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children. In addition to this, such apps also help employers in keeping the company records confidential. When used for the right reasons, these top SMS Trackers can make sure that friends and families of users can stay safer and avoid getting into any problems that lead to graver consequences.

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