Ways To Protect Oneself From Wiretapping

Ways To Protect Oneself From Wiretapping

With the rising dangers of poor cybersecurity, there is something everyone lacks today and that is the feeling of safety. With all the mobile devices we possess having microphones, frontal and common cameras, it seems that companies manufacturing these could possibly listen and watch everything we say or do. This is quite scary, is not it? Given that in many cases, our phones do really store a great amount of private information we would not want to be under the radar. Therefore, we should learn a way to protect ourselves from being listened to or even wiretapped.

One of the first things that come in mind when talking about telephone protection is that this is only a responsibility of the phone owner him- or herself. Given the variety of the unauthorized cell phone software applications allowing people to tap into cell phones, strangers could listen in on phone calls, retrieve text messages, and even determine your exact location by following the GPS. However, things should not seem hopeless since there are still ways to protect your personal information by knowing some tips and tricks.

Basic Must-Knows For Not Letting Others Tapping Your Phone

When it comes to ensuring the security of your personal mobile device, it is important to always be precautious with what you are letting others do with your phone. Once you take proper care of what other people are doing with your phone and your data, you lessen the chances of getting listened to afterward. For more useful and interesting tips, stay tuned:

  • accurately use the communication instruments: in many cases, online communication tools like Skype are actually more secure than a regular phone call. However, these should also be properly chosen with respect to the security levels and systems in place;
  • pay special attention to weird sounds during a phone call: sometimes, if your call is being tapped by somebody else, you could hear some weird sounds during the conversation. These should signal you of the possible danger of being wiretapped, so listen closely to those;
  • try another communication standard: one of the radical ways to ensure more safe communication medium, one could also change the GSM standard. Experienced hackers are so easy to intercept calls from these phones that even mobile operators can not always keep track of their actions. When working on the more expensive models of phones use the CDMA standard which is generally considered to be the safest option.

To wrap things up, when it comes to living in the digital era of easy and accessible information exchange, cybersecurity concerns should be considered for one’s own privacy and feeling of security.  

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