How To Find Out If Your Phone Is Being Tracked Or Wiretapped

How To Find Out If Your Phone Is Being Tracked Or Wiretapped

In case phone tracking is used to find and locate a lost or stolen telephone, this is a positive scenario. Tracking a child’s phone in order to be aware of the child’s exact location is also understandable since children and especially teenagers tend to get into troubles easily. Parents are worried and prefer to violate the kid’s right for privacy than to be guilty in neglect of the child. So, tracking the phone is not that bad.

Wiretapping is a more extreme measure, and it is also harder to perform. It can also be used for positive purposes, for example, to make sure the teenager does not date with suspicious adults or does not mess with drugs. However, when you are not a teenager and your phone is not stolen, suspecting that the device is being tracked or wiretapped by the third party is outright creepy. Therefore, if you started noticing weird behavior of the device, check out our list of signs of tracking and wiretapping.

Tracking and Wiretapping

One of the first signs is noise during the conversation. Modern devices provide quality that is high enough to make the conversations clear of connection noises. So, if you hear weird noises, you may be wiretapped. Another sign is noise and humming of the telephone or loudspeaker when you talk near to the loudspeaker. It means there is a strange signal that the loudspeaker reacts to.

In case the start and end of the connection during the conversation is delayed and takes several seconds, it means there is a software on a device that uses the gadget’s memory and therefore connection takes more time. If you start noticing that the device warms up in the offline regime, even if you haven’t touched it for a while, it may mean that you are being wiretapped even in the offline mode.

Another symptom is your device reloading, turning off and on by itself. It may mean there is malicious software that overloads the performance of the system, and the system turns off to renew the correct performance. If your Internet traffic is being spent too quickly, while you haven’t used the Internet more often than before, it may mean that there is an application that transfers your data to the third device, constantly wasting your traffic.

If you suspect that the device you use is being tracked, there are three things to do. Firstly, check your installed applications and remove those you have not installed yourself. Secondly, contact the service center and order a consultation, and thirdly, you can contact the police to check the device.

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