How To Track The Lost Phone Without Additional Apps

How To Track The Lost Phone Without Additional Apps

To lose a telephone is equal to a tragedy today. Some people may laugh at this and state that all those teenagers are going crazy about their devices and worry too much over a lost smartphone. However, in reality, smartphones are far more than simple telephones today. These are small computers that store tons of important and sensitive data, starting from contacts, and ending with banking payment details and access to paid services. Emails, social media accounts and bank profiles are tied to a certain telephone number, and losing it, the person loses access to a lot of stuff. Therefore, a lost phone is a serious problem.

That is the reason why the majority of people who uses their smartphones to the full extent, prefer to install special applications that will be able to track and find the location of the telephone, even if it is turned off. This is safe and convenient, and you can actually sit into the police car and go to the place that the application indicates, to find the person who took your phone, or to look for it on the ground.

Yet, some users forget to install such apps, neglect this, or merely lose telephones before they have time to install an app. Despite such neglect of their safety and security, people still deserve to get their property back. Although without special software it is much more complicated to find the lost device, it is still possible.

Tracking Options

If you have an iPhone, tracking will be easy, even without special applications installed. You just have to turn on the tracking option immediately after you buy the gadget and tie this gadget to another device, for example, your partner’s or Dad’s phone (but keep in mind they also have to have iPhones). After that, there is nothing to worry about. If you, or another person, lose your device, the other device tied to it will be able to locate it, even if the phone was found by somebody and turned off. When you come to the location, you can turn on a special signal on the telephone, to find the exact place where the device is.

If you have an Android phone, you have to make some setup immediately after you owned the device. Go to the Device Manager and turn on the location by GPS. This feature is pre-installed in the majority of newer devices. However, you have to make sure you turn it on to get the feature of tracking without downloading additional apps.

There is also an option to track the telephone using the IMEI number. This is a unique ID number of each device. You have to find the online IMEI tracker and use it. However, to do that, you have to know your device’s IMEI in the first place.

These are methods that work. However, perhaps it is safer and easier to download a reliable app.

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