Learn How To Track Phones

Learn How To Track Phones

Losing a telephone is a serious problem, and if the telephone is stolen on purpose, this is even worse, since all your sensitive data can be used or sold by the third party. In case your telephone is gone, you have to act quickly and do everything possible, firstly, to turn it off and block it, and secondly, to find it.

However, before you start looking for the exact location of the device, take time and block all services and access to cards that are tied to this particular telephone. Borrow a device from friend or colleague and call the bank, to ask them to block the card temporarily. Use a laptop to change passwords in the most important services you use, like email, social network accounts, and all paid services and applications. This will protect you from your money and other data being stolen by the third party via your lost telephone.

After you have blocked all accesses, you can also block the telephone number, however, it depends. If you believe the telephone was lost, perhaps you will be able to call on it and somebody will answer. If you are lucky, you will get your phone back quickly, and maybe even for free. However, if the chances are high that it was stolen, it is better to block the device and start searching for it.

There are four options for finding the gadget. The first option is applicable if you have iPhone. Then, you should use another gadget that is tied to your device, and locate the lost device using the pre-installed function. However, you had to turn this function on and tie the phones beforehand, this is not available post factum. If the device has not been tied to another smartphone, and you don’t have this tracking app on it, then go directly to option three.

The second option is applicable to Android. Go to the Device Manager in Google Android and find your phone via GPS, following the instructions. This is a good method of locating Androids; however, this possibility should have also been enabled beforehand. In case it has not been turned on, go to option three.

Option three is to find the device using IMEI number. This is an ID number which is unique for each modern device. You should know your IMEI when you buy the gadget; if it is lost, google IMEI locator online and you will be able to find the phone. If you don’t know the device’s unique ID, google how to discover it.

The fourth and most convenient option is to use applications for tracking and finding the devices. These should be installed on all devices to enable the user to track the lost one via another phone. These applications are user-friendly and will prevent you from the nerve-wrecking procedure of locating the lost device.

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