Top Signs that Your Phone Is Tapped

Top Signs that Your Phone Is Tapped

Nowadays, the modern development of science and technology gives us unlimited access to a variety of “spy” equipment and allows you to easily access to wiretapping. Show such annoying curiosity can a jealous spouse, and meticulous boss and just a bully. Unauthorized tapping of the phone without the consent of its owner is illegal. How to check this unwanted attention and protect yourself from it?

  • The phone battery has a high temperature. When the battery of your phone is very hot, then it is actively discharged. This phenomenon is considered normal during a conversation, but when your mobile phone is in standby mode, and the battery still remains very hot, this may mean that a number of certain functions can occur inside your phone, for example, a spyware program can work.
  • Your phone is quickly discharged. Most often this can occur due to a potentially dangerous application in the phone. But also this item can be regarded only in the case if you have a new battery in your phone, the batteries can lose their properties over time and it is absolutely normal that it has become much less charged
  • Delay occurs when the phone is turned off. If this process takes a huge amount of your time, also for some reason, during the course of this action, the backlight starts to blink out of time, then it is very likely that your phone will be tapped. Of course, this may also be a phone malfunction, but other options should not be ruled out either.
  • Minor Snaps and Interferences. You can hear your phone being tapped. Small interference that begins to appear when they should not be. Minor hiss and clicks throughout the entire conversation. If you have found the first signs of your phone’s eavesdropping, then do not panic. First of all, take your phone to the service. If you are told that your phone is not all right then there is a very high probability that you are under the wiretapping.

Resetting the phone to factory settings, whether Android or iPhone, will remove any spyware software, but again, be sure to back up your data, such as contacts, photos, and music.

You will also need a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to your device in the future.


Surely, all users of mobile devices at least once noticed on their phone the presence of one or even several signs of wiretapping. However, they can easily be confused with the usual phone malfunctions or mobile, so do not be alarmed early. First of all, you need to determine the tapping of the phone, and then report to the police. In order not to suffer from fraudsters, always keep your own smartphone with you, put a password on it or install a couple of apps that may scan your phone for malware and foreign networks.

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