Akshay Ahluwalia


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Go Anywhere Submitted

HackRU - Fall 2012

Play Go with a friend anytime anywhere using email
send email to anygo@sendgriddemo.com
challenge (emailtochallenge) (game_name:optional)
creates a new game to play
(x) (y)
inserts piece at those points. starts at 0,0 on the bottom left maxes at 18,18 at the top right.
Pass... Read More

mp3 Meta Fixer Submitted


Analyses songs to find their meta data and add that meta data. ... Read More

Photo Translator Submitted

HackRU Spring 2015

Takes a picture and tries to translate the text from german to english (currently only supports german). Uses Ocropus to translate image to text and then uses google to translate the language to english.... Read More