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Ephemeral Playback In Progress

MIDEM Hack Day

Ephemeral Playback takes the idea of slow music and slows it down even further. Only one song is active at a time. After you have listened to it you must share it to another user via twitter. Once you have shared it you can no longer listen to it. People can share it to a variable number of people b... Read More

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This is my j Submitted

Music Hack Day Paris '13

This is my j lets people share their favourite 6 seconds of a track with the world.

This is my jam has shown that people can be selective about their music choices and don't have to tell the whole world about everything they're listening to. A whole track, however, is too long. This is my j takes... Read More

L8 Spectrum analyser Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona '13

Create a real-time spectrum analyser on the L8 at the same time that a song is playing.... Read More

Scratchy Record Submitted

MIDEM Music Hack Day 2014

Playing music from mp3s today has no soul. Scratchy Record reproduces the joy that can be had listening to music on vinyl. From the dirty needle causing extra noise, to the pops and skips that we all love, to the need to get up half way through the album and turn it over. Scratchy Record has it all.... Read More

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Spotifile Submitted

Music Hack Day Paris #2

Do you wish for the days when you could play your audio collection in whatever music player you wanted to?
Spotifile exposes your spotify playlists as a fuse filesystem, streaming each file on demand as you load it, letting you play audio in whatever player you like. It also pulls in extra data suc... Read More

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acoustiscrobbler.js In Progress

Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

acoustiscrobbler is a browser-based implementation of the echoprint fingerprinting system.
Using a modified version of the echoprint client, we compile it t... Read More

Logo for acousticbrainz-labs

Acousticbrainz labs Submitted

Music Hack Day London 2014

Acousticbrainz currently provides automatically extracted audio features for over one million audio files, but no way of exploring and understanding the collection. This weekend I've been working on a suite of tools to help search and understand the collection, made up of a few parts:

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The catcheruperer Submitted

Midem Hack Day

Do you find yourself out of date with popular music? The catcheruperer asks you what the last song from the charts you remember is and builds you a playlist containing songs which you should know but don't.

We also add a "new country culture catchup mode", creating a playlist of top recent tracks... Read More

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The Satchel-tar Submitted

Music Hack Day Barcelona 2015

This year's sonar bags are pretty cool, but really boring. Since we're at a music festival, it's worth introducting some music to the bag to spice it up!
I used the Bare Conductive Touch Board and some conductive thread to sew a piano keyboard that can be atttached to the sonar satchel. Self-contai... Read More